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Five food bloggers in India a foodie must follow

Food is an art. We know, don't we? Think about it, all of these ingredients come together in their raw form and become something so delicious! And there are so many things that can be done with some ingredients.

In India, there is so much food around, so much so that we are certainly satisfied with a few months if we decide to try something new every day. But until we can get our hands on all the yum-yum, how about refuelling with some great food recipes and indulging in some #foodporn.

Google can provide you with any recipe you want, but these food angels go one step further. They have been exactly in your shoes and know what you’re going through. Their blog includes classic and exotic recipes that have been carefully documented and deconstructed to make it easy for novice chefs who are still trying to figure out how to cook. These steps are metaphorical and include fun anecdotes, food history, cultural flavours, and tips and tricks to keep your dining journey flowing and inspiring. The following is a list of cooking blogs and their authors that can not only make you a miracle cookbook but also open your eyes to the art of cooking.

Here are some Indian food bloggers that will make you drool.

1. You Food Lab- By Sanjyot Keer

Learn innovative food recipes in seconds! This is what his youtube channel description says and yes this is exactly what he is doing. In his youtube channel, he showcases scrumptious, mouthwatering delicious recipes in short videos within 3 to 4 minutes. The videography is so tempting that the cooking looks like a stage performance. With more than 800 dishes already posted, he keeps on posting new recipes which a food lover can easily learn and make at home on their own. This is a highly recommended channel for all the budding chefs out there.

2. Bharatzkitchen- By Bharat Wadhwa

While he was in the corporate world doing his job, he realised that he was not satisfied with his day to day job and wanted to do something he enjoys. Soon he realised his passion for cooking and started his youtube channel. His youtube channel focuses on the regular dishes people can cook at their homes without much ingredients or only those items which were easily available to all of them. His youtube channel bharatzkitchen HINDI has 7.75 million followers. You can follow him for delicious recipes you can cook at home.

3. CookingShooking- By Yaman Agrawal

Another food blogger from India who started food blogging at a very early stage in life is now one of the most followed food bloggers on youtube. On his Youtube channel, you can find recipes of multiple cuisines from different parts of India as well as abroad. Not only cooking he is involved in baking and shares videos of some food hacks as well. His youtube channel has whooping 9.6 million followers and he is very close in reaching the 10 million mark. He is a true inspiration for young food enthusiasts and food junkies.

4. Cook in a Curry- By Maunika Gowardhan

Maunika Gowardhan is a chef and food writer by profession. She loves to travel to India and collect authentic vintage recipes that clearly represent the vast and varied territory of the country. On her website, you will find dishes from across the Indian states which were not known to many. The recipe index reads like a map and is dedicated both to reviving old and little-known dishes and to celebrating classic and famous recipes that can be found in every home. She has been featured by Jamie Oliver in his youtube channel as well.

5. Kabita’s Kitchen- By Kabita Singh

When it comes to finding a recipe on youtube, meet Mrs Kabita who is the host of this channel ‘Kabita’s Kitchen. She focuses on creating and posting recipe videos which are easy to recreate and can be cooked with the ingredients which are easily available. She primarily focuses on Indian cuisine, she also posts some recipes from other cuisines as well. With more than 8.5 millions followers, she is living the dream of every female chef and she is also active on all the social media platforms

By- Siddharth Agarwal.

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