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Technology Exhibitions that every enthusiast should visit in India

Technology Exhibitions are a great way to display the trends that are shaping in an Industry and how technology is making life easy for business and consumers. The technology exhibitions are generally held once a year and require firms within the industry to showcase their latest technologies by booking a spot in the exhibitions. Some exhibits are free for consumers to enter while others charge a ticketing price. The ticketing price varies from the country that hosts these exhibitions. The registration process is done online although there is an option to register at the counter as well.

Technology exhibitions are interactive in the form of providing information via conferences and even trying out the technology there itself, which helps in spreading word of mouth. They are also a great opportunity for Tech Entrepreneurs to showcase their Product demonstrations and gather sponsorship for further development.

Let's dive into some of the major technology exhibitions that every enthusiast should visit in India.

1.IoT India Expo

The devices around us are becoming intelligent in understanding our needs. The Internet has become the foundation of many devices to gather and analyze data and offer more advanced services. Industry leaders gather every year in IoT India Expo, New Delhi to discuss the current scenario of disrupting technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and others. They showcase devices which solve the problems of various industries and are affordable in implementation.

The Exhibition even displays how a developing country like India is moving ahead in terms of Innovative technologies to offer convenient solutions. It helps in Connecting Government Institutions with private players and establishes working synergies between them.


2.ET Ace Tech Exhibition

The Economic Times has been the leaders in providing information in various industries like Technology, Business, Economy, retail and others. They took this responsibility of conducting ET Ace Tech Exhibition upon themselves in 2006. The idea since then has been to gather architects, designers, developers, engineers, contracting companies, material suppliers and technology providers under one roof for displaying and sourcing products expediently. The exhibition has moved on to promoting innovation and creating networking opportunities for various industry experts across the globe.

This technology and trade exhibition is deemed the third largest in the world and is held in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Bengaluru. The entry for people is free while for the business who are willing to display have to follow the space booking norms. The details of the next exhibitions are available on the website.


3. BV Tech Expo

The adaptation and Implementation of Battery Vehicles( BV) in India are on an exponential rise. The government is making efforts in developing and providing infrastructure for battery technology to evolve and become a daily necessity for its users. The technology is still at its nascent stage in India. Tesla, the leader had shown interest last year to build six gigawatt-scale facilities (of 10GWh each) by 2025 and 12 by 2030, according to a NITI estimate.

BV Tech Expo is an offline platform where innovative minds meet to discuss and showcase the future of Electric vehicle in India. The event is generally held in the month of March in New Delhi, India. The Key exhibit areas range from E-vehicles manufacturers, Suppliers, Engineering Consultants, charging Manufacturers to Government and Nodal Agencies.


4. Globe Tech Engineering Expo

SME is the backbone of the Indian Economy. Governments have been in the forefront of developing and funding the SME sector so that these industries have the right resources to grow and innovate and compete with the big players in the industry.

Global Tech Engineering Expo started in 2018 works on the same idea of connecting different SME businesses with each other to showcase their development and learn from the industry experts on the areas of improvement. The Expo generally gather Industrial Manufacturing, Auto and IT experts from around Maharashtra region. It is currently held in Pune and Aurangabad, more than 300 companies participated last year, clearly showing prospects of expanding in various other regions of India.


5.Cosmo Tech Expo

The Size of Indian Cosmetics Industry Globally is $274 billion, while that of the Indian Cosmetics industry is $ 4.6 billion. India's cosmetic market was growing with a CAGR of 17.06% over a period of five years.

Cosmo Tech Expo now running its Sixth edition focuses on bringing innovative solutions to the Cosmetic Manufacturers, it helps different partners across various processes like idea formulation, conceptualization and product launches. The Expo attracts around 250 Exhibitors who showcase Packaging, Private labelling, Lab Equipment, regulatory solutions, etc. The Cosmo Tech Expo is held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi and attracts around 7000 Manufacturers worldwide.


By- Swapnil Bajpai

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