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Which are the best places for tea in India ?

Origin of Tea (A drink loved by every Indian)

We all start our day with a cup of Tea but have we ever wondered who introduced this drink to the world. It was first introduced in China in 59 BC when an Emperor was drinking hot water and a Tea leaf dropped in his pot. The Emperor at that time was mesmerized with the aroma and taste of Tea and started plantation of Camellia sinensis (scientific name of tea) on a large scale.

How it came to India Soon the whole world started drinking Tea as it was one of the most traded commodities in the world. China was the main supplier to the whole world. Britishers were very fond of drinking Tea and they used to trade it from China, but soon a trade war started worldwide resulting into a trade war of Opium between Chinese and Britishers. The Britishers started looking for a place apart from China where they can grow it for Trade as well as their own consumption. The Britishers chose Sri Lanka and India for plantation of Tea and around 1840 they planted 80000 seeds of Tea in India for the first time. In the initial stage the Tea was planted only for export but afterwards when the plantation increased they started offering it to Indian people.

How Indians came to know about Tea

As soon as the Britishers realized the importance of Indians in the plantation of Tea and as it was being in large scale, they started offering it to local people. In the earlier years Tea was sold on railway stations in small packets. Advertisements were also placed on railway stations. These companies producing tea also made people try this drink for free at their stalls.

When Indians were introduced to this drink they didn't like it and it was not accepted by the people. After some time when Indians started experimenting with the drink, they started putting milk, sugar, different other herbs which attracted Indian and after that it was widely accepted by the whole country.

Currently India is the second largest producer of Tea in the world where only 30% of the Tea is exported and 70% is consumed within the country itself.

It is amazing that a simple drink which is a part of every household in India has such a big history of origin.

Being a big chailover myself and having had different varieties of tea all across the nation, I would like to share some places I’ve visited which according to me serve the best chai in the country. I would suggest you visit them if you happen to be in the same city.

Best places for tea in India that you must try.

1. Yewale Amruttulya (Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune)

A chaiwala with more than 30 outlets only in Pune and many more in rest of India. This shop offers you a delicious cup of Tea in only 10/- rupees. The beauty of this shop is they do not offer anything else apart from that. Not only in terms of its price but the taste is better than any other tea that you would have had. The franchise owner is set to open further outlets throughout the nation and they already have a global presence. This place is visited by people from all sectors of the society, from the affluent to the not so privileged ones. It’s definitely a must have.

2. Waziruddin ji Tea Stall (Jama Masjid, New Delhi)

I’m sure you must have heard about masala chai, adrak wali chai, elaichi wali chai, but have you ever heard of Butter Chai. That’s the speciality of this place. A hidden gem within the narrow galis of Jama masjid, is where you find the delicious butter chai of waziruddin ji chai wale which enhances your taste buds like never before. If you consider yourself to be a chai lover you wouldn’t resist yourself from going to this place. They charge a mere 20/- Rupees a cup and I feel it’s definitely worth a sip.

3.Old Rao Hotel (NH 8, Delhi - Jaipur Expy)

One of the best parts of a road trip with friends are the chai halts in between. Old Rao hotel is a perfect place where you can take a pitstop and enjoy amazing Kulhad chai that is available 24/7. This hotel/dhaba is situated 20 kilometers from Gurgaon towards Jaipur. They offer you a perfect cup of happiness which is the perfect break that you need and gives it a relaxing end if you're going towards Delhi. This has been my personal go-to place on all my highway trips. At a price of Rs.10, it couldn’t have been better.

4.Chai La (Kharadi, Pune)

Tandoori Chai has been making the headlines in India over the last few months and people from all over the country have been eager to try it out. But do you know who introduced this amazingly strange method of making chai. The name of the shop is Chai La which is situated in Kharadi Pune. They were the one who first introduced the concept of Tandoori chai in India and after which it popularized and various stores started making their own versions and replicas of this gem. This chai became famous through social media and people and food bloggers alike from all over the nation started swarming to this place. The cost of 1 kulhad chai is 20/- rupees only. This place also offers some mouthwatering snacks at a reasonable rate that you can enjoy with your kulhad of chai.

5. Mittal Teas (Sundar Nagar, New Delhi)

One of the oldest tea sellers in India, is the last and final one on my list. They are known for their vast variety of rare and exotic tea. Their collection isn’t something you would have heard of. During my visit, Mr. Mittal was generous enough to give me information on some of these rare collections that they have and also let me taste a few of them. They have many outlets in Delhi but the main and the oldest outlet is situated in Sundar Nagar market. If you happen to try or have tried any of these, do let me know which one was your favorite.

By- Siddharth Agarwal

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